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My Ride: 2003 530i sport pkg.
Do you still have a cup holder? Is it in good condition? I guess it should fit my 2004 325i. When I look at the center console pic the cup holder looks the same. Also, I need the right headlight washer nozzle and the left back door trim/strip. But again I don't know if they are the same for 2004 325i and 2001 325i. I need airbags too (right front door and right curtain), but again I'm afraid of compatibility issues.
I still have the center console which has the cupholder. Make sure you look closely at the center console if you're considering buying it. It is not perfect.
I don't have anything from the front of the car. It was all damaged in the accident. Sorry. I do have all the airbags though, besides the one in the steering wheel.

Is the car facelift? I'm looking for that part which goes beneath the headlights, I don't know how it is named in English.OK, found it. It is called the headlight trim
Again, I don't have anything from the front of the car. Apologies.

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