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Originally Posted by tt_tony View Post
I still have the center console which has the cupholder. Make sure you look closely at the center console if you're considering buying it. It is not perfect.
I don't have anything from the front of the car. It was all damaged in the accident. Sorry. I do have all the airbags though, besides the one in the steering wheel.

Again, I don't have anything from the front of the car. Apologies.
Well, I just need a cup holder, not the whole console. I noticed that the back compartment is damaged, but cup holder looks fine. Would you sell it separately, the cup holder? How much would you charge for it?
Regarding airbags: I need those two (the front right door and the right curtain), but I'm not sure about compatibility. Do you know anything about it? Or would you please send me part numbers for both and I'll look up whether they fit 2004 325i? Thank you.
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