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Maybe I'm being weird but I've been hanging out with this girl since Dec 1st but I feel like I'm making all the effort. We see each other and she stays over about 3 nights a week, has a tooth brush at my house, has been to multiple parties with me and met all my friends, been to a bunch of dinners, and a wedding with me but for some reason I feel like she isn't into it as much as I am her, which I don't want her to know. The only reason I say this, and I could be wrong, is because I always initiate the plans. I always have to come up with things to do, or reasons to get together. She has never canceled plans and is always down to come over and just hang out whenever I want her to. There are no signs of her hanging out with anyone else or anything like that. We have a lot of mutual friends so I'm assuming I would hear something. She's also super affectionate when we're together, says things like "you're so good to me" and thanks me for the little things I do. I have gotten hints from her that she likes when I take charge so maybe that's it. She has also mentioned things hinting at being together well into the summer (talking about certain summer activities). To the outside world it seems to be going almost too perfectly. We have a lot in common, can joke around, and all that stuff. I'm probably just being an insecure weirdo. I'm just used to younger girls and their constant contact (texting all day everyday). We text throughout the day and talk on the phone every few days which I'm not used to lol. I'm a big time planner though. I always like to have plans in place for whatever I do. Like tonight, it's a Friday night and I have nothing set up yet which is odd. I'd like to see what she is doing but I don't want to be the one to make plans again. I feel like she's more of the type that just does whatever comes up and doesn't necessarily have to plan much.

So, what do you guys think? Am I being weird? I think I just have my guard up because I don't want to get hurt I guess.
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