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Originally Posted by mcr_driver View Post
My last ex and a lot of girl's i've been with were like that as well...I think a lot of women will either let the guy lead or they are in to the alpha male thing. I'd say if there are no signs of foul play, then play ball.

I'd say let this friday go and have a guys night, maybe use this as a test bed to see what happens. If she gets upset at your for not making plans or texts to surprise you by saying lets do something, that sort of thing. It will give you a perspective to gauge things.

Speaking of which, now my turn to figure things out, I am talking to this girl from OK cupid we've been texting everyday since I got her number last weekend at first it was very flirty and joking, now it seems to have fizzled out to finding out facts about each other. I made plans to hang out with her for the first time this sunday (this was on tuesday) and so far she hasn't brought it up. I am wondering if I should bring it up and "plan" ahead or just play it by ear for sunday. Our "plans" were to get together near her for dinner and she really wanted to watch "mama." I know that it's a big no no to go see a movie as a first meeting but it was an opening I had to hang out with her. I'm thinking I should do something a bit different to draw in more interest, thoughts or suggestions?
I would bring it up to confirm plans. I think that date may be ok because it's a horror movie. This is potential for a lot of contact. Go for it.
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