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Originally Posted by kaput View Post
Because even with a nationwide database of registered firearms, from law abiding citizens, the criminal that did not register his weapon, shoots someone, and they die. They find the gun in a dumpster, or not at all, but start looking around the ballistic evidence and it points to your gun. Now you are the criminal for the time being, and the real killer gets away. It would allow a breach of the 4th amendment based on probable cause (which really wasn't there), cost you time and money proving your story, and yet the actual criminal that stole your gun, has already committed crimes with it.

How are you not seeing this? Making a law that affects EVERYONE will only truly affect those that would follow it.
you think you aren't going to get investigated should your REGISTERED car get stolen and run over a bunch of people or used in a getaway and then abandoned?

if your gun is stolen, you have failed as a responsible gun owner. it is your absolute duty as a responsible gun owner to report a gun as stolen.
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