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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
You don't need a useless piece of paper let alone two to do "independent research". The 8 year old down the street did some "independent research" on what video game he should buy next and had it cross-referenced with his best friend (i.e., peer reviewed).
I have access to thousands and thousands of peer-reviewed articles from established databases thanks to my useless piece of paper. In addition, I am qualified to make judgments on certain peer-reviewed papers, as I have the necessary credentials to critique their claims. My degrees and experience allow for that. Would you like to see my portfolio of research? Chances are, you can't even read the abstract.

What do you have? Wikipedia?

If you don't understand the difference beteen "peer reviewed" and "some guy who asked his best friend," then you have absolutely no understanding of how science works in the real world.

Again: that useless piece of paper can do you some good.

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