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Originally Posted by YYCBMW View Post
I found the price list (PDF) for the G-power 328 but it's just not on their website under E46 Supercharger kits. I emailed them a week ago and still no response. The price is crazy high, around $6500 Euro !!! That's over $8,000CDN and USD. It doesn't look any different in terms of content from the other kits available. I can't wait to hear back from these guys to see if that's accurate.
Anyway, thought I'd post an update...
the only difference in the gpower is that it uses an ASA clutched compressor. Unlike any other centri is is silent at idle as it is designed to bypasses the blower. It uses vacuum pressure so that it drives the blower only when you put your feet on the gas pedal. Its a very efficient and great supercharger.

Ive had two cars with ASA superchargers on it and believe me they're quite awesome.

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