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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
NO. Is it responsible to do so? Maybe
There are cases where I might not want to report it. What if someone stole my gun (or anything else) and told me he knows where I live, where my kids go to school and what my 5 year looks like. If I report it stolen, he'll kill her.
I absolutely wouldn't report it.

Most cases you'd want to report it, but other you might not. Let's make it a crime for women to not report they were raped. I mean... reporting rape is "common sense" right? Reporting it can lead to capture of the rapist?
Let's punish women that are raped for failure to do so.
That is quite a scenario you developed. It is hard to argue against the imagination of the mind. Also, I am not sure how you can relate rape and gun theft together.
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