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Originally Posted by Redryan98 View Post
I'm wondering if doing all of the detent bushings/pins in the trans would fix the difficulties going into 1st/2nd gear. I plan on replacing them all when I do my clutch next year using this kit:

The hard part will be finding/making the tools to get this done.
Nope that's for the shifter returning to center fix.

if its happening often then i would suggest bleeding or getting a clutch job.

Otherwise its normal.

Calling this a "problem" is like saying sometimes your thumb hits the steering wheel when making a turn or sometimes your coat gets jammed between the door when you close the door. its just something that happens. the extremely rare times this happens to me i shift to 2nd then back to 1st or i let the car roll a bit while shifting into first then you *feel* the shifter click in smoothly as the gear teeth/syncros or whatever align indicating this is a rotational/position thing internal to the transmission.
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