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Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
Do you have a registered SBR? or do you want to go through the NFA process? If it's your only AR i'd probably lean
towards 16", it's a lot easier to take it out of state and travel with too.
Yea I guess I can always get it later.. have to talk to my buddy in ATF

Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
umm... where are these???
Waiting to hear back after Shot Show.. they told me Feb 11

Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
Always get a 16" upper first, but after that go ahead and get an SBR. Personally, I love my 11.5" and it's my favorite rifle. The rifle is ridiculously reliable and durable (which is mainly because of the high quality components, including a DD barrel and gas block). 11.5" is the ideal SBR length IMO. It's as short as you can get and still have it be consistently reliable. 10.3/10.5" uppers are sometimes good, and sometimes problematic, but 11.5" ones are generally all pretty good. Obviously, manufacturer and components make the difference across the board.

In terms of which one is more advantageous, it's all subjective to what you want it for. For CQB use and closer range training (inside 100yds), the 11.5" really excels. When traveling with an SBR, you have to be aware of where you are going since some states ban them. In contrast, the 16" is legal everywhere, and they tend to be a little bit more accurate at longer range due to the higher velocities produced (makes no difference inside 100yds though, it's not generally any quantifiable difference). The 16" barrels aren't as loud either.
I have the SBR for work so this would just be the fun toy. So I'll probably go with the longer of the two. Thanks for the input.
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