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Originally Posted by joeski3d View Post
I know the difference and it doesn't take much to illustrate it and get the information out there today. Making guns black doesn't make them deadlier. Besides, it should be well known by most that hand guns are the weapon of choice for criminal activity. If there were fewer illegal guns on the streets it's hard to deny that there would be fewer gun related homicides. Let them find other means of offing the subject of their wrath. Fewer gun related incidents means less scrutiny on the whole gun community. Will homicides go down? Probably not... but it won't be as much a gun issue if the ATF could function properly.

And go after the guys that facilitate the traceless guns as well. People will be far less prone to use something for crime if that something can be traced directly to them.
His point is simple. There is no such thing as an illegal gun. A gun at a gun store is legal. All guns (unless we are talking about one snuck in through mexico with the serial number filed down) at gun stores start out as legal. Many are stolen, etc etc. There is no way to have "fewer" illegal guns, since all legal guns have the opportunity to be used in illegal activities by people breaking the law.
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