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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
The director works part time!

I hate to blame one side, but this appears to be the typical Republican approach of underfund and undercut until an agency can't function well anymore, then argue to eliminate it because it's not working well.
Blame the incompetence of governement in general. The democrats are just to blame in all this.

The major point of all these threads and the reason we are upset on our side is simple.

Assault style weapons contribute to a tiny percentage of crime so why are they after them?

Why pick a scapegoat instead of meeting the problem with a direct solution.

If you want gun free zones then you have to spend money to protect them. Its that simple.

Originally Posted by kaput View Post
There has not been a director in 6 years. All 6 of those years were under Democratic control.

Who's the one that should be blamed?

Its not the people themselves who are to blame the fact is you put a bunch of save the world dopes in a room and tell them to write laws all day.

Nothing gets done and the things that do probably shouldn't.

I think the ATF should be disbanded personally but since it exists maybe a full time guy running the place isn't a bad idea.

The only problem with that is who appoints them and at what point do they use their own beliefs to "direct".

It always has to be someone extreme and never someone who comes from the center spectrum. Obama wants liberals in charge and conservatives before him were no different.

Hate Bush all you want but at least the guy was a mild/centrist republican.

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