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Originally Posted by mixedgas401 View Post
I work in a certified shop, and I am an ase certified tech. I am asking if the parts are interchangable.

As for lowering the car I am looking into coilovers with adjustable upper mounts, I can get bushings to correct the caster and I do like to run my car on a track since I live less than an hour from nelson ledges in Ohio.

I was just looking for a little insight on what my issue could be. I appreciate the help but I guess I just got a little too detailed and made more of a mess of this by giving all my details.

So with tax time coming I'm just going to buy the coil covers and bushings and hope for the best
Should have told us that you knew what you were doing then. My apologies, didn't mean to insult you but you wouldn't believe the number of n00bs that come in here talking like the own the place and don't know jack sh!t.

Anyway, if your camber is that far out unintentionally and won't come back into spec, there's something very wrong with either the upper strut mount, lower pinch bolt, or the strut tower itself. The camber is, as you know, set by one adjustable location (upper strut mount) and one fixed location (lower strut mount). If one or both of these are damaged, it's likely your camber would be thrown far off.

Next step suspension upgrade. Coilovers, while made for the Xi, are generally not used because of the excess strain it puts on the front driveline components. Additionally, it lowers the suspension travel quite a bit and will make your ride rather uncomfortable. If you are looking for the best track oriented suspension, my recommendation is going with H&R springs and Koni yellow adjustable shocks. If you want a street car, go with Eibach springs and Bilstein sport shocks. I wouldn't doing coilovers on my car but that's just my opinion.

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