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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
While I also find it horrible that small, locally owned places go out of business, I kinda see this as an example of poor money management.

Whether they sell 5 guns in 5 days or 5 guns in one day, the profit should be the same. And with the recent increase in gun prices, they should be making a killing. So regardless of if they can't keep stuff on the shelves, as long as the shipments keep coming at the same, or close to same, pace they should be just fine. It's the same as getting paid once a month or every week, the only difference is budgeting.

BTW, went to Gander Mtn over lunch today...they don't even have bricks of .22LR on the shelf. WTF??? They did, however, have about 200rds of 5.56mm on the shelf though.
But your employer doesn't suddenly tell you that they are having difficulty finding work for you... these stores can't get rifles to even put on their shelves. The market can't handle this type of demand and the guys who get fawked over are the stores who aren't allowed to really profit much off the price spike.

We've all seen the heckling taking place on this for retailers that are jacking up prices.

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