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You're getting my vote next year, jfoj! Just saying!

OP, I scanned jfoj's post...on the SAP sure it's not working? Once it's come on first thing in the morning, it typically won't come on again unless the car has sat a long time.

Check the hose from sap to yours is corroded...and check vac line heading underneath the O2 wires...the middle part of that line is hard plastic and often cracks...guys replace with continuous rubber line since that plastic line is stupid expensive (for what it is). Anyway, a crack in that line would, when starting the car, show up as rich, I think, because it's adding lots of fuel for a cold start, but isn't getting the air pressure it needs from sap to get the mixture right.

Sort of a theory, but I have to say I like it!

Have you Mangofied your car yet?

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