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Actually alot of people dont abide by the rules to the T. I've seen plenty of those floating around that were not properly pinned or welded.

Weld is obvious, a pinned hider will usually have a mark visable.

To remove the flash hider once you find the pin you can drill it but you run the risk of over drilling.

The best way is to take a dremel and a cut off wheel and slowly start scratching at the surface at and around the pin. Usually you reach a point that the remaining part of the pin will just fall out. Then unscrew the barrel and chase with a die.

If there are no marks visible polish with fine sand paper and see if you can see any marks under the finish. If not then try to unscrew it...If it STILL does not want to budge its probaby soldered on. More the likly its silver brazed. To remove fill the barrel with heat stop paste and heat with a HOT torch (propane tanks probably not gonna work) get the flash hider red fast to limit heat transfer and screw it off with vice grips.

Another method is to cut the hider near the muzzle and split the flash hider using a dremal or jewlers saw in 3 places and peel the parts of the flash hider off the barrel with a dull chissle.
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