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My Ride: 2002 330ci
what ive replaced.....1 year ago or 15k

car has 130,000 on it

Correct Disa O-ring. its in there snug
lower intake boot
throttle body gasket
spark plugs
water pump
thermostat....3 days ago
upper intake boot well checked for cracks
intake vacuum caps
sap vacuum lines
fuel filter and vac lines
cleaned ICV....didnt really need it
cleaned every connection point for sensors with contact cleaner

SAP was checked.....vacuum to check valve was 18
check valve open and i can blow into it....closes and i cant
SAP not getting power from relay
SAP hot wired directly....not pumping air....disassembled and found to be overheated and burned up base where the brushes go......RELAY BAD, SAP BAD.....relay probably caused SAP to go
bad. with a better relay that would take more amps it would not have burned up. with regular maintenance of the check valve every 100,000 miles with a seafoam cleaning....hose replaced and carbon cleaned i dont think it would ever fail. the most complex part is the electric motor and the top bearing...the bottom bearing is just a bushing. Thats why im going to get one used. I might get a new check valve for it.

car ran 25mpg average.....last month went to 19mpg average. Whatever failed...just failed recently. and your right.....both 02 sensors probably didnt go bad at the same time but could have.

will check connections to make sure they are right at the o2 sensors.

pa soft cluster test shows everything good. cel works fine

cannot find fuel trims in the torque pro app. I would like to thank all of you for help with this. This car is challenging and bring me to a level of understanding i didnt have before.

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