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As with most things that get updated, and then passed off to the side, my project is one of them.

I am currently fighting for the right to drive my car, and as such, my car has been down for quite a while. I was told I would get it all back in December, which is why we have waited so long to do the install, no point installing all this when we can't use it right?

Well, as with anything, it is taking more time. Few things.

First, I got a new battery, and after sitting for over a year, the M3 fired up first turn of the key, with no issues what so ever.
Secondly, the LKM I purchased and had programmed works FLAWLESSLY!!! The photos below show just how well it is. Set up for HID and LED, and has fogs on all the time mod... I added a euro front switch plate I bought over seas for $36 and the install is great.

Notice the front and rear fogs are on, as well as the high beams? P0lar did his job well, kudos to you ind sir.

As for the camera and the project, we are all but there and getting ready for the install. I have a guy who is going to repair any bumper I bring him and paint it for $300, so I am on the hunt for an OEM from M3 bumper with foam, no rebar set up for a carbon rebar. Any color, doesn't matter. I have a CSL bumper for trade, but that is not the point of this thread.

The car lives!!!! Soon, it'll be registered and inspected and we will start work on the install. Hopefully it all goes nice and smooth.

2002 M3
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