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Thanks for the info.

Engine cooling temp is good now, we can check this off as correct and move on to other items.

CCV should be able to be cleared as it was replaced and we can assume in good shape.

Most of the gotchas look like they have been sorted, vacuum lines, lower intake boot, spark plugs, fuel filter and fuel filter vacuum hoses.

As for Emission Readiness Codes not set we need to get the SAP sorted, hopefully you can pick up a used pump and check to see if the relay/fuse is good. The SAP should only run for up to 90 seconds on cold start.

I would try not to clear codes for now to see what, if any Emission Readiness Monitors clear. Likely Catalyst may not set? unit SAP is sorted, but not exactly sure what the DME expects to test.

Evap is almost always the last and toughest to set at times.

We will check out your fuel trims, it will be interesting to see if they are off at both idle and cruise?

You may have a questionable MAF that was replaced before you purchased the car?? When you purchased the car did you have an CEL, misfires or cold start issues? Usually most novices replace the MAF for all the wrong reasons and maybe you have one of the "BAD" MAF's running around out there?

Once you get your fuel trims figured out and documented, disconnect the MAF (will trigger trouble codes) but see what happens to the fuel trims with the MAF disconnected.

Also get your Gram/Sec MAF reading at idle and a 30-40 MPH flat cruise.

I also assume you have no misfire or cold start issues at the moment?

Keep the data coming, we will see where this leads, hopefully we can get you sorted soon.
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