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Originally Posted by rdsesq View Post
Probably not. But, its historically in the top 5, probably top 3.

Couldn't agree more.

Having followed cycling since the 70's, I had no doubt about the PEDs and Armstrong was an a$$hat in his pre-cancer race career as well. He was barely tolerable before he won the world road race championship in '93. After that, forget about it.

It is truly regrettable. After the Festina arrests in 97, the 98 tour seemed pretty clean. Everybody was paranoid about a repeat of that. And you saw Marco Pantani win. Loved to watch Pantani race. The closest rider, I ever saw, to come close to the greatest cyclist of all Eddy "the cannibal" Merckx. It was the interesting thing about Armstrong, for as much of a supreme egoist as he is, he would always say, Eddy was the greatest rider of all. That was, for me, the irrefutable proof Armstrong was doping. If he had done it clean, he would have gladly given himself that title. But, he knew those wins were a lie.

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Wait....someone actually follows cycling? Mind = blown.

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