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So I got everything back together. Car wouldn't start though as when bleeding I left the lights on and the door open and killed the battery. Jumped it and it started right up. Is running right in the middle on the temp gauge.

However, I couldn't get the two screws that hold the ET to the ET carrier all the way in - they are about half sticking out. They stripped - they are both in such hard to reach places. Otherwise running great and the "putting back together" part is pretty easy. Can't help but think something isn't put together quite right though, and it'll "blow" at any minute. Like the ET into the carrier like just mentioned, or one of the hoses isn't on tight enough, or those 10nM torqued bolts on the W/P and W/P pulley just aren't tight enough.

Not too worried though, I remember thinking the same thing after I finished my vanos rebuild - and it's held up.

thanks again for this thread Mango. Good stuff.

Now I have to figure out a few things:

1. vibration under load accelerating,
2. rear passenger window seal isnt' tight - wind noise is annoying,
3. A pillars are sagging - guess I'll have to order some of them, probably not till next fall though,
4. I'm starting to get the blower motor squeal - annoying more than anything.
5. I have a new fuel filter and complete suspension, and new passenger side window switch and complete center console sitting in my garage...oye!

there's no end is there? Maybe its about time to bite the bullet and get another 1-2 year old 5 series and ride out the remaining free maintenance and warranty under CPO for another 4 or 5 years.

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