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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
That's like saying cars are designed to be collected. They're designed to transport people from one location to another. A gun is designed to fire a round at a high velocity over a given distance in order to penetrate and object and cause it damage.

They were created to damage people and animals. Everything that came afterwards was an after thought.

I support gun rights. I enjoy firing them. But I am constantly amazed at how retarded some gun advocates are. Stop convincing yourself they're for collecting and shooting paper targets. It forces people to question the intelligence of some gun owners, which is a scary thought considering they want or currently own a deadly weapon.
I know plenty of gun owners who shoot their gun at a range and lock it up unloaded until next time.

Are they doing it wrong?

Out of the more than a dozen firearms I have only 2 were meant for protection the others simple poke holes in paper(and so far the other 2 as well). None of my guns have been shot outside of a shooting range.

Some guns are meant merely to shoot targets(skeet guns,competition pistols and most rimfire firearms).

Design aside thats what legal firearms are used for almost all of the time.

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