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Originally Posted by Caosa View Post
Probably abit biased here but I'll be as honest as I can. If you're talking daily driver don't do it - you're probably looking at 17-18L/100km without being heavy footed (which is necessary for a rotary might I add). You'll find yourself constantly having to maintain oil levels (every 5k or so). Reliability isn't that much of an issue if you maintain it correctly and service as usual despite their notoriety, like BrisM3 was saying the after market apex seals are ever improving. They're also all automatic so if you wanted a manual you'd have to sort that out for yourself.

All that being said, its sooo easy to get power out of a rotary and nothing beats the sound of a bridgeport (fk the haters!), an NA 20B BP makes around 330 rwhp, to give you some perspective. The rotary community is abit niche but its always growing and they really like to help each other out with tips or advice so if you do end up getting one there is plenty of support.

Good luck with your decision!
10 points to you, Your pros and cons list was actually
Pretty fair.

So basically as with any unique and "rare" cars there will be work to do, and as a daily driver it would be quite a but of work, hmmm. Well its still 2 years away and I will see if my 323 holds up both physically and financially.
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