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I can understand Glight's POV despite not performing reps like him. I prefer to take my shoulders out of the equation when performing chest movements as much as possible. I work on ROM all week, every week in Capoeira, and Capoeira movements are TAXING on knees, hips and rotator cuffs (..and the most common injuries for Capoeira practitioners involve those three areas) . I don't need the added stress in the gym, plus I lose the tension in my chest when I drop too far below parallel; it doesn't feel right to my body. I would suggest dropping your elbows slightly lower than you are, but it's up to you. My reps are exactly like this (..just slightly below parallel):

Sou Instrutor de Capoeira ate' morrer.

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Dude, you are massively gay for Capoeira. Yes I know this has been well established for quite some time.
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While not big, I bet it's firm and can grind the sh1t out of a crank.
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