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Originally Posted by Hecs21 View Post
Thanks Randy! I realize that, that's why I did the t-stat first but I'm starting to think its just barely hanging on & slosh a little movement. I have bled and did alternative bleed. I think there is probably still air in there as well but I can't get it out!

It seems like the air gravitates to the heater core and gets stuck. When I first fill after bleeding heat will. Work for a min the gradually fades out within a day or two.

I had problems last year with it blowing cold at idle but fine at mid RPM. Maybe clogging somewhere? Either way, I'll try bleed again tomorrow, if that doesn't work I'll do the WP and go from there.

Oh hey. Do you still have that PSP pulley?
It helps if you park the car facing uphill a bit. If your having issues still, LMK, I'm in STL 5 days a week now so we can get this sorted out quick!

And yes, I still have that extra aluminum ps pulley... You can have it for the $20 I paid for it. Lol.
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