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Heart says rotary, head says to look twice.

I love rotaries and the Cosmo is awesome but they do take a little more attention than piston engine cars. That said, if you can care for your aging E46, you can probably deal with a used rotary. At a guess, the car you buy will have done many thousands of km and will possibly be close to needing engine and suspension work so be prepared for that. On the plus side, you can then tune the build to whatever you desire including using better quality components as suggested by Bris and Coasa.

Don't forget about insurance costs...

Lastly, years ago when I was last driving a rotor and still kept up with the,magazine articles, there was a guy who imported a 20B Cosmo and attempted a manual swap from an S6 or S7 RX-7. All the onboard computers had a massive freak out and after many months he got it to crank and run but all the systems weren't behaving. Things have probably come a long way since then but the point is to be careful and investigate your options and know what you want.

With an E36 M3 you are buying a 'known entity' and should have a pretty good amount of knowledge readily available to you.

Good luck.... I'm very excited for you

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