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Originally Posted by Wookiee Cakes View Post
Nope didn't do I did, and not the battery, 125 across the board. and took it to my mechanic, hooked it up to a bimmer comp and its the modulator. It wasn't communicating with the diagnostic machine, so there's a bad connection in it somewhere probably need a new one....162k miles woo!
Okay, so you mean voltage regulator, I guess, because your voltage is 12.5 while the car is running? Or it's not running at all? I'm confused...but that happens more and more these days!

Get a remanned alt, new pulleys and belts while you're at it...odds are you don't have a weird connection problem in wiring, if that's what you mean.

Also, you'll save tons of money, you know, if you do this stuff yourself. Alt is very simple if you didn't know.
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