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so my bottom left (with the coolant temp sensor) hose on the radiator doesn't seem to be connected on all the way straight. I can get the clip closed with no resistance at all, but it looks ever so slightly canted and appears to have a very small amount of coolant coming out from somewhere around that connection.

I took the fan back out and tried like hell to "snap" it into place - would wiggle and move, but just won't go on any further. System is fully filled with brand new coolant, so that should be providing the lubrication needed for the o ring.

After I played around with it I replaced the fan and then went for a very spirited 15 minute drive. on return there was one little drop of coolant clinging to the bottom of the connector. I put a piece of cardboard under it and am going to let it sit and see if it is still leaking.

Otherwise system looks and performs like new.

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