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Great question! My philosophy is to offer a product that is as close to complete as possible to make it easy for the consumer to understand and use. The "tuner kit" is 10k, by definition that kit does not come with tuning. I am completing the DME tuning and offering it with that kit and I will add it to this kit, I don't have final pricing yet but it should not be very much. What I am willing to do for the first few kits sold is to eat the cost of the DME tuning. So if anyone is interested and gets a kit ordered I will hold it to 10k, if you buy it from me or one of my dealers.

The only thing you need to add to this kit is a catch can. I of course have one available and highly suggest my customers to use it as it is top quality and connects to my oil return system and works perfect. Everything else is covered, piping, intercooler, exhaust that connects all the way to the factory cat back and has 5 O2 bungs for all the factory O2's and 1 for the Pro EFI. The waste gate is plumbed into the exhaust for quite street driving, biggest air filter element offered with any base kit and bigger than the competitions upgraded air intakes. The down pipe is 3.5 inches right from the turbo and all the way back, no one else offers that, this is the biggest on the market. The oil return uses only gravity and does not need an oil return pump like other kits, and the last time a checked gravity has never failed us The base kit also comes with a tubular header that is 6 into one design and can handle power levels over 1300 hp, much more than we will ever need on these cars. The waste gate control works perfect and can hold boost down to 4 psi which is very hard to do with a 67/66 precision turbo which comes with the base kit.

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So 10k will get you a complete driveable turbo kit with the stock DME tuning? Then we could add the Pro EFI later on and make serious power on the same kit?

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