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Originally Posted by joeski3d View Post
No chit Sherlock. Nobody ever suggested as such. The idea is to curb gun related violence... because there is no way to curb your average run of the mill violence. If you want people to quit thinking guns are bad wouldn't it be ideal to make it harder to get untraceable guns? A person is a lot less likely to kill someone with something that give a clue as to who may have used the killing tool.

Let's face it. Guns make killing easy. Their sole purpose is to put holes in things from a distance with speed and force. And the guns can be traced with a little protocol.
What is stopping someone from getting a gun and filing off the serial number, making it untraceable? You keep bringing up untraceable guns, but the reality is that everything that is proposed hurts legal gun owners.

I am all for the ATF doing their jobs, appointing a director and cracking down on this kind of thing. Stop the under the table sale from a gun shop is fine with me. Most people who are law abiding people pay the fees and get the background checks. I question how the ATF knows what shops are selling guns under the table for cash, if the guns cannot be traced.

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