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Accolade, compare it against any other doesn't matter.

But, of course, if you want a thorough accounting of the important news of the day, there are a number of sources, of course, but you should never limit yourself to just one. Try the New York's a newspaper regarded around the world as a reliable source. The Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago something or other.

Also, of course, the place a huge portion of the country gets its reliable news--The Daily Show and Colbert Report--even in the guise as entertainment, you have to know they both report things we should know that the mainstream media doesn't...either because it can't or it won't.

I admit to watching Fox years and years ago...until I started paying attention more. It's very good in how it does what it does, but once you know what it's up to, you'll never forgive it for its slighting of reliable news reporting. It's obviously nothing much more than an arm of the GOP...the PR arm. Its bias is legion; how can you not know this?
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