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Originally Posted by Wookiee Cakes View Post
car not running. turned key to position 1. i ran test 12 on the OBC functions and got 12.5 volts, and then went to my mech plugged it in, and sorry i wasn't clear i meant the ABS modulator. I don't plan on tackling that myself, but later when i have the time/ a day off, I'm going to get a new voltage regulator for my bosch altinator, and clean the ICV since its kinda in the the same area. then sit at a stop light pop the hood and try to balance a penny while the people behind me get pissed at my smooth idle.
We would have really wanted you to start the car with the voltage function turned on to read the charging voltage.
Just so you'll know, you're not close to doing the ICV when the alternator is off. Still a bit more semi-difficult stuff to remove to get there. But I'd still recommend you do go there and do it. That will open up doing the throttle body and DISA too.

PS---battery voltage test is not function #12. Check your list again.

We welcome people just get started!
But that your car started right up in the am is not the definitive battery and alternator test. Were it that simple.

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