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Originally Posted by ///M=Power View Post
It's weird, I have the 2.5 with bolt ons and raced my friend from 3rd gear in his 330i with intake/full exhaust and we were dead even the entire time.

Is it me or do the m52 have more balls than the m54's because he should have walked me according to how fast everyone says the 330i is on this forum and make it seem the 323i can't get out of its own way. Both cars are 5 speed too
maybe your friend doesn't know how to drive
i also raced my friend in his 330i when i had the 2.5 and he was at 100 before i was at 80, i just raced him again after my motor swap and we were dead even but i pulled him from 100-120, maybe cuz my motor is 79k miles and his was 140k i dont know. I like my 3.0 alot better, before i couldn't spin the tires for nothing, now, i can sit there with the brakes on and spin the tires up and down the rpm range, in my 2.5, it simply wouldn't let me unless i screamed it to 7k rpms and dumped it and it still wouldnt keep the tires spinning. mines a 5 speed too. try driving your friends car and see if the outcome changes
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