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Originally Posted by ///M=Power View Post
My current motor is am M52tuB25 with 184,450 miles. Lsd isnt a necessity. The porsche cayman has an open diff and does just fine.

I just want a quick revving, peaky, high compression motor that breathes and screams in upper rpms (yes i described the s54 but its not going to happen as im not spending 8k for a swap)

Problem with the s52 is reliability if i try to put dual vanos on it. And to have it done isnt cost effective. If i could put it in as is that would be great but idk how im going to handle the electronics. So too much of a headache.

Is it me or do the m52's rev a bit faster and sound a little meaner? Doesnt the 3.0 have lower compression than the 2.8?
The S52 is anything but a high revving screamer. I'd get an M54 and do the P&P and Shrick cams. Make sure you secure the OPN (ideally by getting an ATI damper).

Or an M52b28 and same deal. But if you're really working the motor- you'll eventually wish you had gone for the M54- because I believe it's peak numbers have the potential to be higher by just enough that it'd piss you off.

The M52s have proportionally more torque than the M54s IIRC, but the 330 is still stronger than the 328.

And the E36 M3 vs a 3.0 liter E46 is more or less a wash. E36s have even higher instances of OPN failure and the subframe itself can fail.

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Get out and walk. Meet people.
It will change your life!
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It's ok, the world needs boring people

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