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If you keep the over all diameter (tire and wheel combo) and weight close to stock then performance will not be affected with 18s or 19s. Sidewall size for 19s will be smaller so tire choice will become a little more crucial and you'll be holding your breath every time you see a pothole. The general rule of thumb is that for every pound of weight that you add in wheel/tire combo, it's equivalent to adding 2x that amount of weight anywhere else in the car. This only applies to straight line accelerating and braking. Weight also plays a large role in turning (gyroscopic effect) and in handling due to your suspension having to damp all of the road forces. When it comes to wheels and cars, lighter is always better for performance. So keeping that in mind it will come down to looks and IMO I personally like 19s. A lot of guys will say "blah blah blah performance" but honestly they are just trying to justify their purchase. I switch from 18s to 19s all the time and can tell you that besides having the piece of mind and comfort with 18s there is no real difference.
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