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Yeah I've read the 'just acquired your non-m e46 now what?' Thread about 20 times and I plan to read it a million more and all the DIY things 20 times too. I don't wanna fudge my car up. At the same time I've happened to run across a unique problem that a few people had easy fixes on this site but they didn't work for me. So I'm just documenting what I know so far and the only thing not responding was the ABS modulator. And yes I am a newbie to all this bmw stuff. I normally work on recipes and poach your grandmothers eggs, my battery is fine and so is the alt or else it wouldn't have started right up the first time I noticed my brake lights were on and I walked to my car at 9 in the morn. Ill let you guys know if its all symptoms of a bad abs mod or if i end up spending too much money on a goose chase and the problem persists then i get to the possible alt, voltage reg, pulleys.

I like to work on the mechanical parts of the car (so i should stick to oil changes) not so much the electronics and pretty things that an oaf like myself will easily fudge up.

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