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While I'm waiting on my replacement alternator I am configuring my new AEM serial gauge with the EMS. I am now able to configure up to 19 different channels from the EMS and view them on a single gauge. I have set Alarms to flash the gauge on certain conditions. All user customizable. I have it setup for knock sensors, timing, AFR, O2 feed back percent, batt volts, tps volts, rpm, speed, throttle percent, boost , air temp, cam1 & 2 degrees etc... This is some of the flexibility I have been looking for... If I have any parameters that I'm monitoring trigger it gives me a warning and saves on the gauge that hi or low value. It will also send out 2 different out puts for a dash light or trigger low boost etc... I can then just plugin the laptop to download the log and diagnose... Considering the codes that the car throws with the kit this will be a great way to see any issues.
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