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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
From what I've read, that's all Holywood. It's almost impossible to trace a bullet to a gun, but in VERY rare cases it can be done. Honestly, I don't know much on the subject, just what I have read.

To be able to trace a bullet to a gun you need three things....

1) The casing.
2) The gun must have some sort of a flaw that will mark the casing.
3) The gun and casing present together (which almost never happens)
Typically every gun has distinguishable features. Striations are unique to a gun. All you need is the fired round and gun. The casing is not needed to trace a bullet to a gun. However, there are types of testing you can do to the casing such as match firing pins markings on the primer. Also the way in which a round is cycled in and ejected tends to leave unique markings. The extent to my knowledge is limited within forensics though. I took a class in college. Interesting field though.
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