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I am going to do a little video on the AEM Serial gauge and how I have it hooked up monitoring the engine. The goal is to implement what I learned via a lot of trial and error about what can go wrong such as Vanos, TPS issues etc. It can now be setup for the gauge to be a flashing alarm for lets say for example if cams not operating due to Vanos / cam sensor failure or even TPS sensor failure/ malfunction. These can now be monitored via the new gauge should issues crop up in the future I would know very quickly what area the problem is. Here's a pic setting up the EMS data. The video is to follow. I don't want to speak for HPF but this would be an easy addition and feature for their kit. It's taken me a few hours just to dial in the gauge with what I want. The neat thing is u can save the configuration so if anyone wanted it I would be happy to send it to them. Click image for larger version

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