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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
Typically every gun has distinguishable features. Striations are unique to a gun. All you need is the fired round and gun. The casing is not needed to trace a bullet to a gun. However, there are types of testing you can do to the casing such as match firing pins markings on the primer. Also the way in which a round is cycled in and ejected tends to leave unique markings. The extent to my knowledge is limited within forensics though. I took a class in college. Interesting field though.
And what if the person has a replaceable barrel? If I planned on shooting someone, I would absolutely use a replaced barrel to do so. Flocks are easy to replace, available on eBay, and can be fitted in seconds.

My point again is, not everyone is stupid, and will find ways around the limited power the ATF has now.

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