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Originally Posted by evilstar View Post
do you know of any e12/e28 ls swaps? or even more importantly know any e24 ls swaps?
pretty sure every E chassis code has all been done, personally not my style.




and here's an Isetta

Originally Posted by evilstar View Post
that engine needs some beautification.
Yes it does, but I have 4 months to clean it. There are other issues to work on ATM, cleaning it is low priority. Euro Spec E34 M5 S38B38 has non-reusable hardware, whenever anything is removed we need to order new nuts/bolts. Makes it a bit more of a pain when you need to work on it. This is basically been built as a streetable version of a Group 4 M1 endurance motor, but those were 500hp@9000rpm 3453cc M88/1's. M88/2 that was run in the Group 5 cars in '81 were turbocharged and produced around 900hp, so theoretically I could get 1000+ out of this motor with modern turbo technology and the fact I have more displacement and three development generations beyond the M1

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