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Originally Posted by pancakes View Post
You come in our club and disrespect us
Better watch your back If you keep talking smack

Who do you think you are, You've got some nerve
Breaking champagne bottles You didn't pay for

You got a death wish Or a hit list
Cause you know we ain't taking this ****

Now your crew is coming to your rescue
And they just do the same Man you guys must be insane

We don't want blood but you're trying to cut us up
Yeah your trying to cut us up with our bottles of champagne
Is that the only Bar story U have, Here is A true one ------------------------------------------------------This guy is sitting in A bar ( he had done the dirty on A man )Two men come in --And order 2pints of Guinness and sits beside him they drink some of their pints one of them goes to the Jacks the other one drinks most of his pint, then picks up his mates pint Drinks it All ,when hismate comes back and sees the empty glass looks all around ,Shouts who took my pint the first guy said it was not me ,He drank it pointing at his mate, They start Aurging, the mate said It had to be him when iwas getting Cigeretts from the machine, They both Thumped &kicked the **** out of him,-----( He was in hospital for 2weeks ) the 2guy's walked down the street met A man who gave them -- 20$ EACH:
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