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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Don't think so. A couple of sources agree that the harmonic issue is inherent to the rotating assembly. So bolting stuff on doesn't fix that. The best solution is to carefully balance and match the rotating assembly with lightweight components (pistons and rods) to minimize harmonic issues. Then add the 4 bolt pump as insurance.

The damper and aftermarket flywheels? Haven't really gotten to that part yet.

Realistically, only those cars seeing extreme service demands should really need to deal with this issue sooner than later. Street driven cars (even ones driven aggressively) don't see the sustained loading and unloading that a track driven cars see. I think my s/c'd 330 may be one of the most abused engines on this forum because it sees a lot of track use so I need to address this. Most, I wouldn't bother.
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