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Been talking to Girl A lately again since things with Girl B fell through. We hooked up a couple of times over winter break, but thats it. She said she didn't want to get more physical over break so she doesn't get attached . Dammit. Sucks hard when a chick tells you she would fvck the living hell out of you if she was in a better situation. Whatever.

Anyways. Been talking to Girl A again. She insisted I go to one of her yoga sessions at their family gym (her, her mom, and her sister are all yoga instructors/personal trainers). So I went, got my ass kicked, but got plenty of eye candy from Girl A . I also officially met her mom. I think that night 'sparked' our talking again.

We were supposed to go out last night, she had told me there would be a good chance she would be able to after work a night prior. Friday rolls around, no word from her. I texted her at 4 pm just to make sure. No answer. Texted her one more time at 6 pm. No answer. Finally texts me at lik 7:30 saying she found out she has a couple of assignments due by midnight for one of her classes and she won't be able to go out. The way she worded it, it sounded like she was blowing me off. I was driving, so I decided to just call her. I think this was the closest we've ever gotten to arguing. I was upset that she left me hanging the whole day and leaving me in the dark. Her defense, she was working so she couldn't get to her phone. Understandable. I told her I was just disappointed because we haven't been on a legit one-on-one date since November. She said she was bummed out too and that we'll try to go out Sunday or Monday. What really bugged me was she said: "Sometimes I don't think you really understand how busy I am, and I feel like you don't believe me, which stresses me out". So I told her something along the lines of: "I've been talking to you since October, we've gone out only a handful of times, we've had our ups and downs, but I'm still here trying to make an effort to talk to you, support you, and see you. Why do you think I came out to your yoga session the other night? So I could spend some time with you in whatever way possible. Yea you're busy, I am too, but we need to make some time for each other once in a while." After that, she lightened up and got a little cheerful. All in all, I'd say it was a good talk, we haven't really ever ironed out any issues or said what was on our minds before. So I guess thats good? Now I kinda feel like an ass because I hooked up with Girl B over break, and I think Girl A had just fallen into an assumption that her and I have been exclusive. Now it's a little more clear where she stands on us, which has helped clear up some confusion that I had...

-Girl B is officially out of the picture
-Girl A and I are talking again
-Had a slight argument but worked out what was on our minds
-End result is good I think, from the feels of it.

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