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Originally Posted by God_speed View Post
It's a Pirelli Edition, going by the colour (a bit like Dakar yellow).

They received almost another 30 kW from the factory so instead of about 142kW it was 169kW.

According to the RB link above, it also has 300Nm from 2200-5200 so a fair bit of torque down low which suits traffic light grands prix. But the claimed 0-100 is still only 6.6 which is only .4 quicker than the boggo GTi I believe.

Being a turbo though and thus quite easily liberated, he might have had a bit of work done - chip + increased boost.

It still looked bloody wobbly in the corners, either that or old mate is not a good wheelman
That explains it. You can probably achieve 6.6 by putting your foot down and letting DSG do it's thing. Not as easy in an M3 in S4, DSC on and shifting early.

It was very wobbly, even under brakes it didn't look very stable.

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