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Probably stuck in limp mode or something. When my throttle position sensor failed, it felt about as slow as my ZHP did.

Originally Posted by Steezy View Post
In my opinion, it does. The M3 has no low end torque. Do me a favor, when you get into 3rd gear floor it at about 3-3.5k RPMs.
Actually, it's got plenty of low-end torque. That's not opinion, that's fact. The car makes ~85% of it's peak torque from 2000-7000 RPM. Its peak torque is 262 lb-ft -- quite a bit for 3.2L. It makes more torque than the honda accord does with 3.5L, and the S54 holds onto said torque for much longer than the accord.

3rd gear in the M3 goes to right about 100mph. So even if the Accord's instantaneous acceleration is somewhat close in that gear, it will have to shift while the M3 will be able to keep going.

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