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Originally Posted by flashmeow View Post
The problem for the ZHP "stutter problem" was two main issues: DISA and KNOCK SENSOR.

The older DISA would make a loud noise when the DISA flap gets activated. As a result, the knock sensor would retard the timing because it thinks there was actual engine knock. the solution that BMW came out with was to update the DME and to release a different DISA.
^+1, someone has been doing their homework!!

To the OP:

If you have any type of OBD monitoring software, all you need to do is monitor/record the ignition timing when the problem happens and see if you have any specific timing related issues. I resolved a LONG standing issue on my M5 by doing this and found out Dinan does not know how to tune software!

Just BE CAREFUL as if you lean out, you may end up with knocking and have timing retard.

But if the DISA is even in quetion, just unplug it and it should clear this as an even likely source.

I commented in quite some detail in my other thread where you asked questions.

I do not think a software fix is in the cards for your car?
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