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Sorry, this wasn't really a thread to request help, so much as it was a thread to document this issue. It's an extremely, extremely specific problem, which does not point to the fix of "throw parts at it until it goes away." Shotgun troubleshooting doesn't satisfy my desire to pinpoint exactly what's wrong, when so many others have had the exact same issue.

I don't want to give the impression that I'm holding out hope there's a "software fix" for my car. It's just where my research has taken me. As you can see above, only one other contributor to this thread thus has experienced the exact same issue, and it was fixed via a code update to the DME. We're batting 1000 on software right now, sample rate be damned! I will modify the OP to reflect their resolution, however.

I have spent an exorbitant amount of time researching this particular issue, and I have yet to see someone fix it by doing anything with the DISA. There are a ton of posts that say, "Oh, this is classic bad DISA behavior!" but I haven't run across any that have said, "My car stutters between 2500 and 3000, on a consistent basis, and by replacing the DISA it is fixed." You know what I have found in my research? "I have replaced the DISA, but the car exhibits the same behavior."

I read up on the DISA issue that caused the 4000 RPM "dip" for the ZHP. Essentially, when the butterfly opened, it was noisy and triggered the knock sensor, which momentarily retarded the timing. That's not the same as the issue at ~2800 RPMs--it's two totally separate things.

Furthermore, jfoj...I am very appreciative of your help. You're extremely knowledgeable, and I plan to continue the OBD monitoring discussion in the other thread. What I'd like to see from this thread is a response from as many people listed in the OP as possible, along with anyone else currently experiencing this issue. And if anyone actually fixed it, what eventually did, or didn't resolve this extremely specific issue.
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