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Originally Posted by joeski3d View Post
Suddenly the entire case is thrown out because of the sneaky gun owner and the great barrel mystery? This is just one of many ways to accumulate evidence regarding a crime. The more tools they have so solve homicides the better the convictions... so let's not dismiss options because there may be a way around it.
It would make it more difficult. Go to pawn shop, gun show, or through the local CL/sales section of local paper (don't use personal computer but rather a public computer and acquire a phone number from seller to conduct the transaction and don't use personal phone but rather a public phone and plan out meeting location with seller), buy barrel and needed parts with cash from either a personal stash or taken out of bank account some time prior. Swap in parts, commit crime, dispose of parts in a river, pond, furnace, etc. Somewhere not easily found. Swap back in original parts.
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