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Originally Posted by Tom/// View Post
I think its time for me to move on to a 135i but want some opinions and feedback, if I can.

How does the back seat size compare to the e46 coupe? I use it here and there, but not a ton.

Bad idea to get the car with 80k miles OR what is the highest mileage that should be considered since it has turbos etc.....

I was considering the 335i but reviews say it is a little more bloaty to drive where the 135i's more like the e46 m3 in terms of driivng fun.

Is it a bad idea to go to a 135i instead of a 335i coming from a 330ci.

I'll respond to the things I know...

Back seat: E82 1 Series backseat size is just big enough that it shouldn't be classified a 2+2. It is most definitely smaller than the E46s back seat and MUCH smaller than the E92s (which is downright comfortable if you're 6' 2" or less).

The 135 is a very fun car to drive- but not in the same way an M3 is. Have you driven both? What makes the 1 fun is that it's small. It isn't as precise as the M3 (in 135i guise) and it understeers a lot more than the M3 (E46 or E92).

A 135i owner on here says he's getting rid of his at 80k because the turbos go bad around that time. I know they can fail at higher mileages. If they have been replaced or the car is CPO it's not as big of a concern... IIRC the parts can be had for around $1400 but it is not a fun job to DIY...

The E92 is an imprecise car and it is also big if you really like tearing up the twisties, so I see where you're coming from there...

Having said all that- have you considered a used E90/92 M3? They are the most reliable cars of that whole generation hands down. The M3 is lighter than the 335i, and has things like an Aluminum rear subframe, LSD, and thousands of dollars worth of upgraded suspension components that can cause a handling-driven 335i owner to weep. The suspension differences between the E90/92 non-Ms and M3 is much bigger than the difference between the E46 M3 and non-M.

Best of luck!

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